Advertising Ban on Gambling: Lottotech Comes Up With New Strategy

Now that gambling firms can no more use advertising to reach out to the population, Lottotech has come up with a new way to do so: it has issued a communiqué to inform Mauritians of the next jackpot worth Rs 10 million via radio channels.


The government had announced the new measure on the day of the presentation of the Budget 2015: advertising for gambling had been banned. How will gambling companies market their products and services now? It seems that Lottotech has found a way about this ‘predicament’. As from the 11th June, the firm took to radio transmission to tell the public of the Rs 10 million jackpot to be launched on Saturday 13th of June.

The Public Affairs Assistant Manager of Lottotech, Virginie Rose, explained that the measure – Informative Publicity – is absolutely legal. The president of the Gambling Regulatory Authority, Raouf Gulbul, confirmed the statement, adding that companies will no longer be able to incite people to play, but they can inform the public of the results of the draw, or of the amount of the jackpot. He described this method as being a more “responsible” one.

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