Air Mauritius Incurs Losses of 23.7 million Euros

The national airline company, Air Mauritius Ltd, announced in a press conference today that it has incurred losses of up to 23.7 million euros for the period of 12 months starting from last March and ending on the 31st of March 2015. This is in high contrast with the 7.3 million profits of financial year 2013-2014.

air mtius

Press conference at Paille-en-Queue Court today. Photo credits: Kamlesh Bukhory.

The outgoing Chief Executive Officer, André Viljoen, explained that their revenues were “under pressure”: the losses were due to the unfavourable euro-dollar exchange rate. Furthermore, the competition in the sector has worsened the matter such that flights to China and Australia have caused losses of 16.8 million euros.

The president of the firm, Arjoon Sudhoo, said that the results are not good at all, adding that it would be a real challenge for the new management.


  • Loss? Really!
    Other airlines charges less and yet make substantial profits… How come?
    It would be interesting to know how much those in Management earns in wages , expenses and bonus, despite allegedly making a loss of 23.7 million euros.

  • I thought China was going to be the saviour of Mauritian tourism, but it seems that this destination caused the bulk of MK’s losses.

    As for competition, look no further than Emirates. The UK visitor has two choices.

    (a) 12 hours in a nasty, hard, narrow, cramped seat that’s guaranteed to leave anyone but a midget needing physiotherapy for crushed knees and a twisted spine; uncertain service from cabin staff (it helps if you’re related to them); indifferent food; a poor choice of films on a tiny screen that probably doesn’t work; no likelihood of ever getting a reply from MK’s customer service people

    or (b) two flights of about 6 hours each in a seat with ample legroom; excellent service and food; an amazing choice of films and music and a high-quality screen; and a website and customer service that really works. Oh, and for a lower price too.

    Air Mauritius has been told many times by many passengers and travel commentators that it needs to improve standards of comfort (particularly legroom) and customer service. Through arrogance or willful ignorance, it has refused to make any changes. MK is, at best, a three star airline flying to a five star destination. These losses are the reward for that arrogance.

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