BAI Crisis: Adeela & Laina Rawat Interrogated By The CCID

Adeela Rawat, the eldest daughter of Dawood Rawat and one of the executive members of the BAI, and her sister, Laina Rawat, will be interrogated at the headquarters of the CCID this week. They have been summoned by the investigators working under ACP Heman Jangi. Adeela Rawat is to provide more details as to her role in BAI, and in certain transactions made by the group. She is suspected to have received huge amounts of money obtained from the alleged fraudulent activities of the firm.

Rawat daughters

Adeela & Laina Rawat

Investigators of the BAI affair wish to interrogate every single member of the BAI playing a major role in the firm and its subsidiary groups. It is now the turn of Adeela Rawat. Her husband, Claudio Feistritzer, president of the Bramcom Holding, had already been asked to give his testimony days ago.

The authorities suspect Adeela Rawat of having obtained money gained through fraud. She will also be asked to account for money transfers.

Her sister, Laina Rawat, is also expected at the CCID.

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