BAI Crisis: Dawood Rawat Reacts From Paris

Dawood Rawat has finally spoken up concerning the BAI affair. He is determined to have his say in the matter. Already, complaints have been filed against Mauritian newspapers for defamation.

Dawood Rawat from Paris

Dawood Rawat from Paris. Photo credits: ionnews.

After weeks of silence, Dawood Rawat has decided to speak up concerning the BAI crisis. Interviewed from Paris, he has announced that he intends to contest the way the government has dealt with the issue.

Dawood Rawat himself responded to queries put forth by reporters of ION News at his flat in Paris.

He mentioned certain of the the recent statements made by Sir Anerood Jugnauth and Pravind Jugnauth. According to him, the MSM did receive financing from the BAI during the last few years. Moreover, he explained that the MSM was the political party having received the greatest investments from the BAI than any other political group.

However, according to, Showkutally Soodhun has denied that the MSM has received any financing in 2014.

Furthermore, in retaliation to the BAI issue, 3 defamation complaints have been filed by his lawyer, Delphine Meillet, against l’, Le Mauricien and the French magazine Challenges.

When asked as to why has Dawood Rawat not returned to the country, his lawyer explained that his situation is such that travelling to the country might be dangerous for him.

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