Betamax Affair: Anil Bachoo Arrested

The ex-Minister of Public Infrastructure, Anil Bachoo, who was interrogated at the CCID headquarters today morning, has been arrested.
anil bachoo

Anil Bachoo

Anil Bachoo was previously interrogated on the 29th of April, and on the 5th and 6th of May, pertaining to the same case. Each time, he was allowed to return home. Today was surely not his lucky day though.

The authorities believe that the Betamax project has been a deal riddled with suspicious activities. Anil Bachoo was called to confront allegations made by the Permanent Secretary (PS) Kandasamy Pather that he was pressurised to make certain decisions.

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  • lol lol lol, These guys are dropping one after the other like flies. Imagine yourself, The Gov is giving out a cleaning party in one of the famous disco club in Mauritus and we all dancing around the flies dropped donw, spraying insecticides on them all. I believe there are more to comes soon. Those who have profited of close relationship with politicians , enjoying publuc fund will not like it much. NO REMORSE S.A.J

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