Betamax Affair: Navin Ramgoolam Speaks Out

Navin Ramgoolam appeared in the district court of Port-Louis today. He was previously put under arrest pertaining to the Betamax affair. He was released after providing 2 bails of Rs 15,000 each and signing 2 acknowledgements of debt of Rs 1 million each.

Navin R.

2 charges were levelled at him after he was interrogated, namely, “public official using his office for gratification” and “conspiracy to defraud the government of Mauritius”.

According to l’, the ex-PM stated that a committee was set up for the Betamax project and that a number of procedures followed. He also indicated that some individuals currently exercising as ministers were part of the Cabinet when the decision to allocate the contract to Betamax was made. When asked whether he was hinting at Xavier-Luc Duval, he retorted that he was not implicating anyone at all.

Also, officers of the CCID deem it possible that Navin Ramgoolam obtained commissions for the allocation of the Rs 10 billion contract to Betamax. The suspicion arose after they found 2 envelopes from the coffers of Navin Ramgoolam that were seized at his place, at Riverwalk, in February. The envelopes that contained US $ 9,700, and Rs 500,000 respectively, bore the name of Veekram Bhunjun, the managing director of Betamax, and brother-in-law of ex-PTr-minister, Rajesh Jeetah.

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