Betamax Affair: Navin Ramgoolam To Be Interrogated Today

Navin Ramgoolam is to be interrogated again today pertaining to the Betamax affair. He was initially supposed to be questioned yesterday, but the interrogation was then re-scheduled for today. It seems that Navin Ramgoolam might be inculpated under 3 charges, according to

Navin R.

The police wishes to clarify the involvement of Navin Ramgoolam in the Betamax project. He is to answer to the suspicions of irregularities relating to the procedures that led to the conclusion of the contract of Rs 10 billion. The contract was bagged by the firm Betamax to import fuel from India.

The ex-PM will be made to confront the versions of the ex-minister of commerce, Mahen Gowressoo. The latter claimed that Navin Ramgoolam had instructed him to go forward with the project.

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