Big Indian Film Awards In Mauritius This Weekend (06.06.15)

The Big Indian Film Awards will be held at the J&J Auditorium on Saturday, 6th of June. A delegation of hundreds of Bollywood personalities will travel to the island from India. The event will last for 3 hours, starting as from 20:00. Bollywood actors, dancers and singers will grace the function with their presence. The special guests of the ceremony includes the president of Indian Films, the president of the International Film Makers Association in Paris, the CEO of Film/TV Association of Bollywood, among others.


MGT Worldwide Group has organised a grandiose event scheduled for this weekend in Mauritius: the Big Indian Film Awards. However, little information pertaining to the function has been revealed to the public so far.

Personalities from the Indian cinema will travel to Mauritius to attend the event. The winners of Bollywood for the past year will be rewarded. Among the prospective winners is the team of the movie PK.

The tickets are on sale via Otayo at Rs 900 (Silver), Rs 1 400 (Gold) and at Rs 2 200 (Premium).

Other similar events will be held later this year in other cities of the world, like London, and Dubai. The MGT Worldwide wishes to encourage film makers to shoot scenes in the particular countries.


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