CCID Investigation: Have Arvin Boolell’s Statements Incited Riots?

The CCID has recently opened a new investigation pertaining to some of the statements made by Arvin Boolell on the 26th of May. They are to determine whether his words were inciting riots. Arvin Boolell had clearly asserted that the government was engaging into political vendetta, affirming that Navin Ramgoolam has been the subject of unjust treatment at the hands of the authorities.


Arvin Boolell had stated that the authorities are responsible for arbitrary arrests when Navin Ramgoolam was once again put in detention. Arvin Boolell had then asked the police not to follow the instructions of “just about anyone”. According to him, the government has made it a matter of political vendetta.

According to the article 283 of the Criminal Code, “exciting contempt or disaffection towards the government” is punishable by law.

The police therefore seeks to verify whether the words of Arvin Boolell fall under the “speech crime” category.

The journalist who had reported the statements of Boolell was interrogated by the police.

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