Clash At Tranquebar Over Illegal Posters: Reza Uteem & Other MMM Members Attacked

A terrible incident occurred yesterday night at Tranquebar involving the supporters of the MMM and those of Alliance Lepep. The latter had gathered in front of the police station of Pope Hennessy after MMM members Reza Uteem and Jenito Seedoo were attacked during a clash that happened near Ste-Anne church. They had filed a police case yesterday itself. It seems that the subject of the dispute involved illegal posters allegedly instigating against the MMM that were put up in that region.

reza uteem

Reza Uteem following the clash. Photo credits: l’

Reza Uteem, the outgoing Lord Mayor, and two candidates of the MMM claim having been attacked near Ste-Anne Church. They accuse certain members of Alliance Lepep, namely, Mamad Jaunbaccus, the husband of PPS Roubina Jaunbaccus amongst others. According to them, the assault was premeditated.

It is suspected that posters criticising the MMM were put up in the region which ultimately led to the clash.

Reza Uteem said that they were saved by police officers who arrived on the spot around 5 minutes after the fight broke out.

The alleged victims filed a police case and later went to the hospital.

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