Deputy Rector Hits Student With A “Rotin” To Serve As Correction

The deputy rector of the college from which a case of corporal punishment was recently reported has explained that it was meant to serve as correction for the teenager who claimed to have been hit by a ruler and as a deterrent to the rest of the students. On the other hand, the deputy rector asserted that he did not use a ruler, but the ‘famous’ stick commonly known as “rotin”.


The deputy rector explained that he had received a letter from the Section Leader informing him of a group of students who had damaged some school furniture. He then decided to take to drastic measures to deal with the situation: he went to the classroom of the students, with a stick – the famous “rotin” – in his hand. There, when he questioned the pupils, they denounced one of their classmates who was then hit with the stick.

The deputy rector did admit being slightly strict. He related that he hit the boy two times as corrective measure and to scare the others. He explained that if one were not strict, there would be cases of abuse.

However, he did add that were such an incident to happen again, he would not hesitate to denounce the pupils responsible to the police.


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