Disciplinary Committee Set Up To Question MSAW Employees

After the video featuring an employee of the MSAW mistreating a stray dog, the Mauritian public set out to denounce what they believe to be acts of cruelty that have to be stopped. The employees of the MSAW of Port-Louis will now have to account for their actions in front of a disciplinary committee. However, it seems that the minister of environment does not share the beliefs of the population: according to defimedia.info, Raj Dayal has justified the deeds.


An emergency committee had a meeting on Wednesday after the video that was released gained more and more views. A complaint was filed at the police as well. According to defimedia.info, sanctions will be taken against those involved in the cruel acts. For those who have not yet viewed the video, find it below: it depicts stray dogs being brought to the MSAW and euthanised by the employees.

The Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, has responded to the criticisms put forth by the Mauritian population. According to defimedia.info, the minister explained that stray dogs harm the image of Mauritius as a tourist destination.

“Il ne faut pas oublier que nous sommes dans un pays à vocation touristique. Il est de notre devoir de protéger notre environnement et les chiens errants font du tort à notre image et à notre environnement. On ne fait qu’assumer notre responsabilité. Que ceux qui pointent du doigt la cruauté envers les chiens errants, viennent de l’avant avec d’autres solutions à ce problème”, said Raj Dayal, in a statement to defimedia.info.

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  • Can we please have an update on this story? What has happened to this employee and what is the response from MSAW?

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