Dog Lovers Participate in Peaceful March At Rose-Hill

Members of NGOs working for the welfare of animals carried out a peaceful demonstration yesterday, 28th of June, to sensitise Mauritians about their duties towards dogs.


The supporters in the company of their pets at Rose-Hill on Sunday. Photo credits: l’

Members of the NGO Animal Welfare Together participated in a peaceful march organised on Sunday, 28th of June, walking from St-Jean to Plaza, to show their support to the cause of animals. Other NGOs also participated in the march namely “SOS Stray Dogs”, “Pan-African Animal Welfare Alliance” (PAAWA), “Rescue, Save and Adopt”, and “Citoyen Animal”. Their aim is to sensitise people pertaining to their responsibilities towards dogs. They also paid their respects to those who were subjected to atrocities.

The founder of Animal Welfare Together, Peggy Murden, states that she wishes to work with the government to find solutions to the problems relating to animals. She plans to contact the Ministry of Agro-Industry, of Tourism, and the office of the PM to communicate her intentions. The NGO also looks forward to writing to the President of the Republic, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, to ask for her support.

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