Emtel Airbox Project: Unlimited Internet Upto 30 Mbps Without Optical Fibre

At a time when its competitors are promoting their use of the optical fibre, Emtel has decided to provide an alternative. It has thus launched the Airbox project yesterday, 16th of June.


The Airbox entails a fixed broadband internet connection. Emtel has opted for a Slovenian technology known as Fiber Through The Air (FTTA). 5 transmitting stations as well as receiving antennas on the roofs of clients have been set up. The internet connection is transmitted via radio waves.

The Chief Executive Officer of Emtel, Shyam Roy, has explained that while the optical fibre constitutes a number of advantages, they had to find a way that is less time-consuming to provide high-speed internet.

66 % of Mauritian households are now eligible for the service, according to the company. The rest of them will have access to it after a second phase of the project has been launched at the beginning of 2016. The area covered by the Airbox currently includes Plaines-Wilhems and the north-west of Mauritius, from Albion to Goodlands, and Port-Louis and St-Pierre. Rodrigues does not yet benefit of the service.

The quality of the connection will vary though, as per the topography of the region. Prior to new installations, tests have to be done because of this; the installation lasts for some hours.

The Airbox service consists of internet connection of unlimited capacity, a fixed telephone line, free calls, and an e-mail messaging option. Three packages are available according to the speed:

  1. 10 Mbps at Rs 934 per month
  2. 20 Mbps at Rs 1 284 per month
  3. 30 Mbps at Rs 1 784 per month


  • The Emtel airbox is a far cry from what they claim. I waited a few months before applying, after they assured me that they fixed the initial teething issues. Even then, they claim that the technical issue was in Port Louis and not Ebene.

    I took a 20 Mbps subscription and can get 20 Mbps only if I do a test with their server that is connected in Ebene (where the antenna is pointing). Any other server (even Mauritius Telecom in Ebene, Bharat Telecom or overseas), doesn’t give more than 2 Mbps download speed.

    There is no point subscribing to a service more than 10 Mbps, because you can’t more more than 2 Mbps download from international and local sites. They should have marketed this service as a 1 or 2 Mbps service instead.

    Worse, I have now been advised by their call center that the 20 Mbps speed is only to the Ebene server and not beyond it. When I subscribe to a 20 Mbps from Orange, I get at least 15 Mbps download, if not the full 20 Mbps. Same with Bharat Telecom. With Emtel, I don’t get beyond 2 Mbps, no matter what time of the day I do the test.

    Bottom line: don’t bother about Emtel’s Airbox.

  • what about Rodrigues?when will we be able to have the service?should we first be connected to the optic fibre in order to have the ftta???

  • Hi.how to boost up my airbox connection.i’ve got 10mbps but the connection is very poor.can anyone help?
    It takes so much time to download movies,games etc.

  • Was happy at start , had 22mbps , then suddenly my net drop straight down to 5mbps, not only that
    it had huge delay, compared to orange which had no delay. Also Technical service is very poor.
    You need to call the hotline, then a technician will call you after 48hr+ then another delay in term of days if they need to do intervention at your place.
    . Emtel is same as orange, hotliners are low-witted individual having dim knowledge of their own infrastructure, only solution propose everytime : switch off your modem then turn it back.

    I wish they had better hotline which actually can assist, not just a band of “we’re sorry” people but then again mauritius itself never really bothered improving its internet infrastructure at all

  • Is the connection reliable at 100%? In case of bad weather like cyclone, lightning, strong wind or heavy rain, will the network not get interference?
    Is it safe for health? With all these Mbp in the air waves.
    Finally, will it be wifi only or can be connected through ethernet to PC?


  • Hello,
    I have an emtel internet home and office broadband. So I want to change it to an airbox . Pls let me know if it is possible and how much if I want to have an airbox . This is my num 58177862.

    • Dear Divesh,
      We thank you for your interest in EMTEL products and services,Currently we do not have the Airbox coverage in the southern area. Still, we will keep in touch on our Facebook official page for next Airbox coverage phase 2. Stay tuned! thanks

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