Extraditing Nandanee Soornack: Final Decision of Italian Authorities To Be Released in 2 Months

The two police officers of the CCID who had travelled to Italy with documents justifying the need for extraditing Nandanee Soornack, Inspector Dawoodharry and Inspector Goinden, are back in Mauritius without Soornack. The latter is still in Italy. It was initially expected that Soornack would come back with the two inspectors. However, the decision was left to the Italian authorities, and their examining judge will only inform of the final decision in two months’ time. Meanwhile, representatives of the State Law Office might themselves travel to Italy.

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Now that Chief Inspector Dawoodharry and Inspector Goinden are back on the island without Nandanee Soornack, the authorities have to wait for the court of Bologna to give its verdict concerning the extradition of the latter.

If she will be extradited, she will have to account for the three charges levelled against her. First of all, she is accused of money laundering in the Dufry affair; she is suspected to have obtained Rs 100 million of commission from the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise. The second money laundering charge relates to the purchase of a house at Floreal at Rs 30 million. The last case in which she is involved is the Roches-Noires robbery one.

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