Finance Bill: Less Tax On Revenues & SMS

The Finance Bill will be implemented by the 1st of July 2015. Consequently, a number of changes will follow: Mauritians will pay less tax on their revenues and on SMS. However, they will not be able to buy Lottotech scratch cards.

tax decrease

The Short Message Service (SMS) and the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) will no more be charged with the 10-cent tax (“levy”). SMS will now cost 60 cents as it used to be in the past. The levy was introduced in 2013 by Xavier-Luc Duval who was then the Minister of Finance.

Furthermore, as from the 1st of July, Lottotech’s scratch cards will have become a thing of the past.

Taxpayers will now also pay less on their revenues. As from the 1st of July, the “income threshold” will be increased to Rs 10,000. Those with no dependant and who obtain Rs 285,000 will pay 15% of tax on their revenues; the threshold is currently at Rs 275,000.

The new thresholds for the other categories are as follows:-

  • Rs 395 000 for employees with a dependant under them
  • Rs 455 000 for employees with 3 dependants
  • Rs 335 000 for retired individuals or physically disabled ones without any dependant
  • Rs 445 000 for retirees or physically-disabled individuals with one dependant

The allocation for those with construction projects will be reviewed as well. Rs 75 000 (currently set at Rs 65,000) will be allocated to families with monthly revenues not exceeding Rs 10,000.
Rs 40,000 will be allocated to those with monthly revenues between Rs 10,001 to Rs 15,000.

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