Heavy Swell Warning in Mauritius: Highest Wave At 7.6 Meters At Blue-Bay (08.06.15)

A heavy swell warning has been issued in Mauritius as waves of the order of 7.6 metres have been recorded at Blue-Bay. Other coastal areas are also affected.


The meteorological station of Vacoas has recorded high waves along the coasts of Mauritius today, 8th of June. Waves of the order of 4 meters have been observed; the highest of which have been noted at Blue-Bay today morning at 7.6 meters.

The heavy swell warning has therefore been maintained – it extends till 22h00 tonight.

The public is advised to practise caution along Mauritian coasts. They are also recommended not to go out at sea, specially fishermen who operate in the south, west and north-east of Mauritius.

Rainfall has also been forecast for today, particularly in high-altitude regions.

The maximum temperature will vary between 20 and 24° C on the central plateau and between 26 and 29° C in coastal areas.

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