Iframac Loses Mercedes, Mitsubishi & Peugeot

Iframac, subsidiary group of the BAI, loses the franchises Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Peugeot, as has announced Mushtaq Oosman, one of the Special Administrators of the BAI. The latter had a meeting with the 347 employees of Iframac to shed light on the situation.


Yesterday afternoon, Special Administrator Mushtaq Oosman had a meeting with the employees of Iframac to announce the bad news.

The parent companies decided to negotiate with other dealers in Mauritius, other than the subsidiary of BAI, given the current crisis.

Now, what will be of the employees? It seems that they are not guaranteed to keep their jobs, or even to have their salary for the month of June. They will probably only learn of their fate by the end of this month.

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