Investigating Navin Ramgoolam’s Suspicious Purchase of Vehicles

The deeds of Navin Ramgoolam are once again under the microscope: officers of the Asset Recovery Unit working under the office of the DPP are currently investigating into the circumstances under which the ex-PM purchased his cars. The procedures that were behind the acquisition of the vehicles as well as the loans taken from banks are being scrutinised.

navin r. & cars

The investigators went to the car dealers from whom the e-PM bought his cars to glean the relevant information. Navin Ramgoolam is known to have possessed several vehicles, such as a Kia Picanto, a Mercedes recently acquired in January 2015, and an Aston Martin DB9, as well as a Range Rover. It appears that Navin Ramgoolam made the payment for all the cars all at once. According to, all the bills were settled by cheque.

One particular incident is brought to mind when it comes to the ex-PM’s taste for cars. At the time when he was the PM, he was once asked about a Rolls Royce he owned in the UK; he had then retorted that those asking about his choice of cars were jealous of him.

“Zot jaloux sa, faudrait ena classe pu fer ce qui mo fer ? To pa content to Premier ministre roule ene bon loto ?”

The investigators intend to make sure whether or not the procedures have been respected. For instance, Navin Ramgoolam had allegedly taken a loan of Rs 40 million that was granted to him in February 2011 by the ex-Bramer Banking Corporation. The authorities, however, find it strange that the ex-PM had eventually obtained Rs 41 million. Therefore, the investigators want to shed light on the issue.

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