Maggi Noodles Controversy: Nestle Mauritius Confirms That Mauritius Does Not Import From India

Maggi® noodles have been accused of containing toxic ingredients by the Indian authorities. Consequently, the product has been removed from the market in India, and from a marketing chain in 5 other countries of East Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan – while waiting for the results of tests done by concerned authorities. The product has not been banned in Mauritius though, as the importer, Nestlé Maurice, argues that they do not bring Maggi® noodles from India, but from South Africa, and that they are, therefore, not harmful to the health.

Maggi noodles

Maggi® noodles. Photo credits:

The Country Manager of Nestlé Maurice, Allan Brelu, explained on Radio Plus yesterday that the company does not import noodles from India. Rather, they bring the product directly from South Africa, and hence, the imported Maggi® noodles available in Mauritius have nothing to do with the India ones, those which are at the centre of the current controversy.

He also added that an Indian importer might be importing noodles directly from India, but the news was not confirmed.

He also said that they were in contact with officers from the Ministry of Health who informed them that a series of tests on noodles coming from India will be performed to ensure that the norms are respected before allowing the products to be sold on the market.

Mauritian authorities have themselves not commented on the controversy.

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