Mauritian Family in Ireland Lives In Their Car After A Harmful Gas Leaked In Their House

A Mauritian family having settled in Ireland since 7 years have now found themselves without a home. Sailesh Kisto, his wife, Prema, and their 3 children, have been living in their car since 2 weeks along the streets in Ireland after their house was rendered inhabitable by the release of a toxic gas. After spending several days at the hospital, they could not find a proper dwelling and had had to take to the streets in their car.

Kisto family in Ireland

Kisto family in Ireland. Photo credits:

The case has been reported by the media in Ireland on the 9th of June. The family had to be transported to the hospital 2 weeks ago after a toxic gas leaked into their house. After leaving the hospital, they tried to look for a house, but in vain.

They had previously been informed by Ireland authorities that they could not return to their house after the mishap. They used to live in the village of Kerry, Ireland. Finding no other solution, they decided to live in their car in the meantime.

The youngest of their children is only 20 months old. Their oldest, a 15-year-old girl, has just taken part in geography examinations at her college, even under their current circumstances.

Finding a house for the Kisto family might be a challenging task. Furthermore, even hotels are all booked at this time of the year.

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