Mayorship: 3 From MSM, 1 From ML & 1 From PMSD

Alliance Lepep has finally decided which political party will manage which town. Port-Louis, Quatre-Bornes and Vacoas-Phoenix will be managed by a mayor from the MSM. Curepipe will have a PMSD mayor, while the ML will take charge of Beau Bassin – Rose-Hill.

municipal elections

The Lord Mayor will be from the MSM. It is expected that either Anwar Oomar or Zahra Atchia will be chosen. The deputy lord mayor might possibly be from the PMSD.

Ken Fat Fong Suk Moon, also known as Ken Fong, has been designated the mayor of Beau Bassin – Rose-Hill. He will be elected and made to take the oath today, 22nd of June. His deputy mayor might be a member of the MSM; the latter has 9 elected members, while the PMSD has 7.

As for Curepipe, Nathalie Gopee might be elected as mayor. The deputy mayor might probably come from the MSM.

At Quatre-Bornes, Premila Geerjanan from the MSM might be chosen.

As for Vacoas-Phoenix, Navin Ramsoondur from the MSM, will be designated mayor.

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