MedPoint Affair: Pravind Jugnauth Pronounced Guilty

Pravind Jugnauth has been pronounced guilty today, June 30, in the intermediary court.


Pravind Jugnauth arriving at the court. Photo credits:

The minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, & the leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, who was accused of conflict of interest in the purchase of MedPoint clinic by the State at Rs 144.7 million in 2010 has been judged guilty by magistrates Niroshni Ramsoondar and Azam Neerooa.

He is deemed guilty to have approved of the reallocation of the huge amount of money in favour of MedPoint Ltd whose shareholders include the former’s sister and brother-in-law.

He has pleaded not guilty. He said on Radio Plus that he was “extremely disappointed” at the verdict, and that he did not agree with the judgement.


  • what the minister did, was a cabinet decision that is a collective decision .this means all the 24 ministers took and approved the decision on medpoint then why minister pravin only must pay for this action

    • Yes. Agree with Azad.
      In fact, Pravind walked out in order not to be present at the Cabinet deliberation in 2010 at material time. This walk out definitely relieved him of any statement which could eventually cast doubt on whether he may exhibit any conflict of interest in case the then government might move to assess and agree upon the purchase of Med Point building for the purpose of creating a geriatric hospital.

      Unfortunately, the then government did ventured to approve the purchase of MED POINT.
      Pravind, alike any other person who would have been in the shoes of Minister for Finance , was a simple RUBBER STAMP who just given a go to the CABINET DECISION.
      CABINET DECISION was a collective decision and, sadly enough, former Prime Minister was the one who have been always insisting to announce that he only who take decisions .
      The court need to put former Prime Minister AND the then Minister of Health – Mr Rajesh Jeetah at tasks.

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