MedPoint Affair: Verdict Revealed Today (30.06.15)

The verdict pertaining to the MedPoint affair in which Pravind Jugnauth was involved will finally be revealed today, 30th of June. Magistrates Niroshni Ramsoondar and Azam Neerooa will divulge their final decision today morning.

Pravind J.

The re-purchase of MedPoint Clinic was entwined with legal issues since the beginning. Pravind Jugnauth was sued in front of the intermediary court for conflict of interest: the anticorruption commission blamed him to have given the green light as the Minister of Finance in 2010 for the issue of a Rs 144.7 million cheque for the purchase of the clinic by the State. However, he had denied these accusations, and Senior Counsel Ravind Chetty had defended his case.

The MedPoint affair involves others from the Jugnauth family, including the son-in-law of Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Dr Krishan Malhotra, who is the director of the clinic. The latter’s wife, Shalinee Jugnauth, is also a shareholder in the company.

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