Missing Teenager: Parents Believe Their Son-In-Law Forced Her To Elope With Him

A 16-year-old girl, Bharishma Monohar, has been missing since last October. Her family still has hope that she will return to them one day. But, where could she be? Her parents believe that she might have been compelled to elope with their son-in-law.

Reported Missing

Eight months after the young girl was reported missing, the police has issued an all-points bulletin to find out about the whereabouts of the young girl. She is a student of Saddul College. Her parents suspect that she might have eloped with her sister’s husband. They blame the latter for the disappearance of their child.

She was first reported to be missing on the 20th of October 2014. She was supposed to sit for SC examinations. However, when her absence was noticed at around 09h45, the school management called her mother to ask for explanations. That was when they discovered that she had gone missing.

Her parents could not contact her on that day because she did not have a mobile phone. The police of Vacoas and the juvenile delinquency division had been informed there and then. A teacher testified that a vehicle was seen earlier, stopped near a student. The authorities had then thought of kidnapping as a possibility.

However, later that day, the teenager’s parents found out that their son-in-law, Kenny Risham Santokhee, had also disappeared. The latter, together with his wife, lived in the family house.

The parents also pointed out that their son-in-law had eloped with other young girls in the past. Some years ago, he had allegedly run away with the elder sister of Bharishma. They were later married. The parents also believe that their child was threatened and forced to elope.

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