MMM’s Unprecedented Defeat: SAJ Affirms Voters Have Condemned Paul Berenger’s Betrayal

The results of the municipal elections 2015 are now out: Alliance Lepep has won the 120 seats in the 5 towns, while the MMM has known staggering defeat, the first of its kind, with no candidate of its own elected.

Alliance Lepep

The 5 towns are now completely under Alliance Lepep. The party has known unprecedented victory: from the general elections of last year to yesterday’s municipal elections.

As for the MMM, no candidate has been elected. Rather, they have been eclipsed by those of other parties as well, namely independent candidate Menon Yetty, leader of the MMSD, Éric Guimbeau, and leader of the FSM Cehl Meeah.

The general secretary of the MMM, Ajay Gunness, announced that the members will hold a meeting tomorrow afternoon to evaluate the results of the elections.

Commenting on the defeat of the MMM, the Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth affirmed that voters have thus condemned the “betrayal” of Paul Berenger yet again.

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