Municipal Elections: Low Rate of Participation of Mauritians

Now that the municipal elections are over, the electoral commissioner, Irfan Rahman, has made an assessment of the participation of the population. According to him, this year’s elections have witnessed the lowest rate of participation since the elections of 1991. He suggested that the rainy weather might have accounted for the high rate of absence.


Irfan Rahman explains that this year’s municipal elections has had the lowest rate of participation since the elections of 1991. He also points out that it is the second lowest rate since 1977.

The following diagram illustrates the rate of participation at the municipal elections since 1977 (with 35.59 % for this year).

participation rate

Otherwise, Rahman states being satisfied with the day that went by without major problem. He also praises the “political maturity” of Mauritians: he says that the cooperation spirit could be seen among them during the whole exercise.

According to Rahman, some people were able to vote even if they did not bring their national identity cards. The president of the Electoral Supervisory Commission, Yusuf Aboobaker, has thus reminded of the importance of presenting one’s identity card.

The results of the elections will soon be divulged today, by noon.

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