Municipal Elections: PTr Might Vote in the Favour of the MMM

The PTr’s executive committee will be holding a meeting today 10th of June to discuss the municipal elections to be held on the 14th of this month. The members are expected to be given instructions pertaining to voting for the elections during the meeting. Perhaps, they will be recommended to vote in favour of the MMM, so as not to vote for the government.

municipal elections

What does a political party do when it is not actively participating in upcoming elections itself? It still has to vote. For whom will the PTr members vote?

The PTr leaders might recommend its members to vote in favour of the MMM. If they do not intend to actively support the MMM, they might only ask its electorate to ‘sanction’ the government. Or, they might just ask for a vote in favour of the Opposition.

Once the instructions are given out, meetings will be held to explain the reasons thereof. In the same context, a meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow, 11th of June.

The management of the PTr did state that they are not in communication with the MMM though. However, the two parties seem to be on the same wavelength lately. For instance, both the PTr and the leader of the MMM, Paul Berenger, have condemned certain events whereby the police has arrested particular individuals. Moreover, Navin Ramgoolam himself had shown his solidarity to Paul Berenger when the latter spoke against the treatment he received regarding the oath-taking of Ameenah Gurib-Fakim as the President of the Republic.

Then, how can we forget the clear statement of Paul Berenger during a press conference last Saturday? As reported by, he said that PTr voters should vote for MMM candidates for the municipal elections.

“…les électeurs du PTr savent ce qu’ils doivent faire dans l’intérêt du pays. Ils ont le devoir de voter pour les candidats MMM aux prochaines municipales”.

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