Navin Ramgoolam Interrogated Again: His Relationship With Nandanee Soornack Scrutinised

Navin Ramgoolam was interrogated yet again by CCID investigators yesterday. His relationship with Nandanee Soornack was put under the microscope: who are they to each other, how did they meet, and so on. The CCID officers also asked about the 2011 deal struck between Dufry/ Frydu and the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise (MDFP). The ex-PM, however, chose to remain silent and did not respond to the questions. He will be interrogated again today.

Navin R.

Navin Ramgoolam. Photo credits:

Navin Ramgoolam was accompanied by his lawyers, Gavin Glover and Shaukat Oozeer. He was asked about his relationship with Nandanee Soornack. According to Rakesh Gooljaury, Navin Ramgoolam met Nandanee Soornack in Europe.

Concerning the MDFP affair, the investigators wanted to shed light on certain details. They determined to ask the members of the board of directors of the MDFP. But, the ex-PM himself preferred to make use of his right to remain silent. The officers intend to find out whether the procedures pertaining to the deal were respected.

After the interrogation, Navin Ramgoolam was allowed to return home. He will be questioned again today.

It appears that the officers of the Special Cell of the CCID have adequate information to level more charges against the ex-PM.

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