“Platform Sov Nu Laplaz” Protests Against Hotel Construction At La Cambuse

After the government gave the authorisation to the Currimjee Group of Companies to build a luxurious hotel at La-Cambuse Beach in the south of Mauritius, members of “Forum des citoyens libres” (FCL) and “Platform sov nu laplaz” voiced out their protests against the infrastructural development in a site believed to be the ideal place for reproduction of tortoises.

la cambuse

The members of “Forum des citoyens libres” (FCL) and “Platform sov nu laplaz” have contested the project which they think will harm the ecology. The spot allocated for the construction project favours the reproduction of tortoises. It is also used as training centre for the officers of the National Coast Guard (NCG).

The spokesman of FCL and “Platform sov nu laplaz”, Georges Ah-Yan, affirmed that they might go for a demonstration if their requests remain unattended by the government.

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  • We are giving too much importance to tourism and forget about ourselves, what would be left if we destroy our beaches. And yet, the locals would not be able to enjoy their own place as the security guards will chase them away. This is what happens everywhere.

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