Pravind Jugnauth Denies The Occurrence of Any Clash With The PMSD

Pravind Jugnauth has denied any clash between the MSM and the PMSD.


In a statement to reporters yesterday afternoon following the election of the new Lord-Mayor, Oumar Kholeegan, the leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, affirmed that the MSM and the PMSD have not witnessed any clash between each other. He explained that decisions pertaining to the allocation of the role of mayor in the different towns was the result of consensus among the leaders.

He added that he got along well with Xavier-Luc Duval and others of the PMSD.

He also mentioned the Air Mauritius issue. Air Mauritius has been placed under the office of the Prime Minister after it used to be under the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism. Pravind Jugnauth said that this decision also did not involve any clash with his colleague.

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