Road Development Authority (RDA) Invests Rs 600 Million In Road Infrastructure

The Road Development Authority (RDA) will soon finance road infrastructure projects: each year, it will inject Rs 600 million in the endeavours.


The series of projects will entail improving the conditions of existing roads, new road construction, as well the maintenance of drain systems, fly overs, guardrails and handrails. Those projects requiring the expertise of civil engineers are expected to last longer than the others.

The road works will include improving part of the road situated at Chemin Vingt Pieds, at Grand-Baie, which will cost around Rs 40 million. A new road will be constructed to link Robinson Road at Glen Park to Vacoas (Rs 50 million). The Côte-d’Or road (Rs 12 million) and that of Plaine-des-Roches (Rs 56 million) also feature on the plan.

Additionally, the RDA will carry out a number of studies concerning the improvement of other roads such as the A-9 between Nouvelle-France and Souillac, Hugnin Road at Rose-Hill, and that of Flic-en-Flac.

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