Roshi Bhadain Reveals Yet More Scandals: Purchase of 2 Airbus & Bagatelle Dam

Roshi Bhadain revealed that 6 Airbus airplanes were purchased before the general elections. He informed of this piece of information at a meeting of Alliance Lepep at Quatre-Bornes held yesterday. He also accused Navin Ramgoolam of being involved in the Bagatelle Dam. He promised that he would dig out further scandals. The minister of good governance added that Alliance Lepep has maintained a number of electoral promises that were made last year.

Roshi Bhadain

Roshi Bhadain.

On top of divulging his intentions to expose more scandals, Roshi Bhadain stated that the Alliance Lepep government has abided by the promises it made at the start: the increase of the old-age pension, the extension of the maternity leave, and the wage compensation increase. He also praised the way the government has handled the BAI affair (which has, on the other hand, been criticised by yet others), explaining that 260,000 families have had their money back.

Pravind Jugnauth also addressed the public. He commented on the current position of the PTr vis-a-vis the MMM. According to him, the two political parties still share a certain level of complicity. He stated that Paul Berenger asked the PTr to vote for the MMM, while Navin Ramgoolam asked his supporters not to vote for Alliance Lepep for the upcoming municipal elections.

He further criticised Paul Berenger, adding that the latter had initially denounced the Ponzi Scheme ascribed to the BAI, he still accepted the financing of the BAI for the elections.

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