SAJ Determined To Complete His Political Mandate

The Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, has affirmed that he will complete his political mandate. He announced his intention during a press conference today, 11th of June, which was organised to discuss the six months of work that his government has put forth.


When the PM was asked if he would entertain the idea of a political retreat, he explained that though he would have preferred to stay at Reduit as president, he took upon himself the task to come back to the political arena of Mauritius, determined to stand by his intentions. He spoke of his goal to complete his mandate, unless God wills otherwise.

He also added that he might not enjoy good health but his convictions pertaining to the country remain firm.

Additionally, he stated that he was satisfied with the work done so far by his government. He also enjoined the population to have patience, adding that the creation of jobs would not happen overnight. He still maintained the realisation of a second economic boom in the future.

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  • What S.A.J is doing at the moment, has never been done before as normally politicians use to hide each others wrong doings and mistakes. He is determine to clean-up all the mess left by Navin and lead this country to an economic boom. Good governance is the key to success as it help to remove corruption and thus corrupted politicians and apply the law to everyone. May S.A.J feel that the end is coming and his last wish is to get rid of corruption before the end.

    I thank him dearly for the good intention despite what has been done in the past and i hope his party or his son will move on with the same philosophy for good. New laws should be coming and applied to deter the crooks from using our resources for their own purposes. Thank you very much for what you have done so far and LET THE CLEANING-UP PARTY GOES ON.

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