SC/HSC Exams: Students Over The Age Of 20 Have To Pay For The Fees

The MES has confirmed that not all students of the HSC will benefit from the exam fee exemption. As a matter of fact, students over the age of 20 have to pay for the exam fees. Furthermore, they have until the 19th of June to do so. Students from City College were shocked when they heard of the clarifications concerning the criteria for the exemption. They complain that they were not aware of these details before, and that many will now find great difficulties in gathering from Rs 11 000 to Rs 14 500 to participate in the examinations.

city college students

City College students

Students from City College located in Port-Louis complain that they were not aware of the criteria to be eligible for the exemption of exam fees. They believed that every student, irrespective of age, would benefit from it.

As reported by, one of the students seized the opportunity to follow the classes and sit for the exams because of the advantages provided by the government. Now, it is difficult for his family to find between Rs 11 000 and Rs 14 500 to pay for the fees.

Rashid Soobadar, the director of the institution, requests the ministry to reconsider its decision. He has already asked the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) to review its deadline for payment. In a statement to, he states that it was previously clear that all students would benefit from the measure. However, an officer from the MES had later asked for them to wait for a final decision regarding the criteria for payment. By the end of last week, they received a letter from the MES informing them that students above the age of 20 would have to pay for the fees by the 19th of June. Rashid Soobadar explains that he understands that this now poses a difficulty for the parents of around one hundred students concerned.

As for the MES, the director Brenda Thanacoody-Soborun says that the criteria are those imposed by the Ministry of Education. According to these conditions, only students below the age of 20 will benefit from the full exemption. Now, they might push the deadline further following the request from City College.

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