bed cinema mauritius

VIP & Intimacy Cinemas Soon At Star Caudan

The 3 Star cinema halls at Caudan Waterfront, Port-Louis, are currently under renovation. They have been closed since the beginning of this month. They will open again in October, once they have been changed under the theme “premium cinema”.

bed cinema mauritius

The premium cinema project will include a VIP hall with only 12 seats which will not be placed in the current orderly fashion. Rather, the seating will be modified into a cozier and warmer one. The clients will have at their disposal hostesses, tables, and even “blankets”.

Meanwhile, the employees are temporarily laid off.

Moreover, it is reported that the number of people going to the movies has decreased by 25 to 20 % since last year. Apparently, the supply is currently outweighing the demand.

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