Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road Might Be Reopened By Monday

The Terre-Rouge-Verdun road seems to be ridden with problems. After the road was severely damaged at the appearance of enormous cracks shortly after it was inaugurated, it is now facing the trouble of landslides to such an extent that it had had to be closed yesterday morning. Its closure was expected to cause persistent traffic jam in the capital. It might, fortunately, be opened by Monday though.


The affected part of the road is being cleared.

The zone affected by the landslides is situated at around 500 meters from the end of the diversion set up because of the cracks. It is near the zone threatened by risk of landslides where the constructions works were previously made to halt.

The Minister of Local Government, Anwar Husnoo, whose ministry is currently assisting in the task of providing for public infrastructure, met with the authorities concerned today 25th of June. He explained that the approval of the South-African experts would be needed to re-open the road. He added that security norms would have to be respected before making the road accessible to the public again.

On the return of the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Nando Bodha, engineers and experts will pay a visit to the site in the company of other personalities concerned. Meanwhile, the road will be cleared only. Tests will be done later.


Authorities concerned clearing the road


The road will hopefully be accessible by next week.


As for road circulation, Chief Inspector Ashok Mathur from the Traffic Branch reassured that the situation was manageable.


Image credits: l’Express.mu

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