Trade Unionists & Ex-Employees of Iframac, Courts & Apollo Bramwell Speak Out

Trade unionists and employees of Iframac, Courts, and Apollo Bramwell, participated in a demonstration yesterday, 21st of June. They denounced the dismissal of the workers, many of whom spoke out about their current situation.


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Members of the “Front Commun Syndical Anti-Licenciement” (FCSIL), the “Confédération des travailleurs du secteur privé” (CTSP), the “Federation of Progressive unions” (FPU), and the “Fédération des travailleurs unis” (FTU), took to Raymond Chasle at Rose-Hill yesterday to denounce the dismissal of employees believed to be unjust. From 300 to 400 of them had participated in the demonstration.

Furthermore, Jack Bizlall, union activist of the FPU, affirmed that they had sent a letter to the President of the Republic to request a commission of inquiry for the financing of political leaders.

Atma Shanto stated that the 5 % growth expected this year would not be possible without the employees who have been dismissed.

Furthermore, a number of employees addressed the group that had gathered, among whom was one from Courts, Moosamy Subroyan, who claimed having worked there for 29 years and that he was ready to go on hunger strike. The workers explained that being jobless, it would now be difficult to cater for the needs of their children.

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