World’s First Successful Penis Transplant: Recipient Going To Be A Father

The world’s first successful penis transplant that was done last year has proved to be fruitful: the patient is allegedly going to become a daddy soon. The 21-year-old patient “made a full recovery and…regained all function” months ago, according to the surgeons. It seems that their claim will be fully confirmed in some months when the child is born.

penis transplant

What led to the surgery?

The South African man had had his penis amputated 3 years ago following a ritual organised to celebrate the transition from boy to man in the country: he was undergoing circumcision when things went wrong. Eventually, he went through a penile transplant.

“Our goal was that he would be fully functional at two years and we are very surprised by his rapid recovery,” said André van der Merwe, who led the surgery at Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hospital, in a statement.

The 9-hour penile transplant

The penis to be transplanted was obtained from a deceased patient. The latter’s family had initially agreed to donate the organ. The dead man was not buried without a penis though: the doctors had produced a penis from abdominal tissue to bury him with.

The donor penis was then attached onto the recipient. For this to be successful, the vessels along which urine and sexual fluids pass had to be reconnected.

Success of the penile transplant

Apparently, the transplanted penis functions adequately as the surgeons announced that the young patient is now going to be a father.

Rituals involving circumcision

This type of accident is common in Africa: according to statistics, around 250 men lose their penises every year because of rituals involving circumcision.

circumcision ceremony

Young men preparing for the rituals in South Africa.

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