Xavier Duval ‘Advises’ Paul Berenger to Retire

Paul Berenger must now brace himself for the comments he is likely to hear in the coming days. Already, Xavier Duval, who was speaking about the results of the elections, stated that Paul Berenger should now retreat from politics after such a defeat.


Xavier Duval.

After the unprecedented defeat of the MMM, one can expect Paul Berenger to be the subject of many a discussion to come. The leader of the PMSD, Xavier Duval, spoke out already: he is reported to have sent out a clear message to Paul Berenger, exhorting him to retreat from the political arena.

He communicated his thoughts in the following words, as reported by l’Express.mu:

«J’ai un message particulier pour Paul Bérenger : il en est à sa énième défaite, qu’il fasse comme les leaders anglais et se retire de la politique.»

Xavier Duval did add that 120-0 is not good for a democracy. However, according to him, the results demonstrate the extent of the defeat of the MMM.

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