YouTube Video Shows Dogs Ill-Treated & Killed At The MSAW

According to l’, the manager of the refuge center of PAWS situated in The Vale, Lucy Ramlochun, explains that employees of the Mauritius Society of Animal Welfare (MSAW) break all the rules and regulations pertaining to the treatment of animals, after a video was released on the Internet, featuring stray dogs being ill-treated by the workers of the MSAW.


Screenshot from the video showing a MSAW employee giving lethal injections to stray dogs.

The video was anonymously posted on You Tube, showing how stray dogs caught from all around Mauritius are mistreated once they are brought to the MSAW. When they reach MSAW, they are greeted with cold water thrown at them. They are then directed to poor dwellings where they are expected to spend three days after which they are killed.

Except that some of the dogs do not have to wait for three days: in the video, for instance, one dog was killed, allegedly after being attacked by the other dogs which were in the same dwelling.

The employees of the MSAW thereafter administer lethal injections to the dogs. But, first, the immobilize the animals by capturing them with ropes. The procedure is described as being brutal: the employee would put his foot on the head of the animal before forcefully giving it the injection. The corpses are then thrown into an incinerator.

To make matters worse, the dogs are also beaten up. A man can be seen hitting a dog with a metal bar in the video:-

All of these practices are actually illegal. According to the law, dogs which are to be euthanised must be attended to by a veterinary.

Lucy Ramlochun has denounced these practices as being barbaric and inhuman. She believes thousands of stray dogs meet with the same fate at the MSAW. She now fights for the organisation, MSAW, to be closed by the government. She is determined to stop dogs from being ill-treated.

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  • It seems to me that it must be common practice for employees to play ” vet” why are they authorized to do what really should be within the vet’s remit. It is unacceptable that such practice should go on under the roof of an establishment which is there for the protection of animals. Everything should be done to make dog owners who abandon their pets pay for their crime.

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