Political Donations: Omnicane Gives Away Rs 4 Million

Omnicane and Harel Mallac have revealed the amount of their funding to political groups – both offered a total of Rs 5.5 million for the last general elections. The two are the last companies having divulged their donations.


Omnicane gave away Rs 4 million last year, as revealed in its annual report recently made public. For the 2012 elections, it had given Rs 4 million.
At the eve of the general elections of 2014, the Chief Executive Officer of Omnicane, Jacques Unienville, had stated that they had nothing to hide as per their contribution to political parties.

As for Harel Mallac, it gave out Rs 1.5 million for the elections of last year. The money was donated to 6 recipients whose identities were not revealed.

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