2 Women Assaulted By Unknown Man On A Road In Terre-Rouge

Two women have been assaulted by a man on the main street of Le Hochet, at Terre-Rouge, on the evening of Wednesday July 8, at around 19h30. One of them sustained some minor injuries while the other was severely wounded and had had to be transported to the ICU of the SSRN hospital where she had to undergo surgical intervention.


Photo credits: l’Express.mu.

The motive of their attacker remains a mystery. Investigators are of the opinion that he did not do so with the intent to sexually attack the women or to steal from them, specially that one of the women was holding her mobile phone in her hand when the incident happened.

Police officers from the Terre-Rouge police station have also already viewed videos recorded from security cameras found in the surroundings. The images are somewhat blurry, but the officers were able to make out certain details and they are now on the track of a man.

The two women relate that they were returning home from the gym when they noticed a man they deemed to be strange. They explain that he looked lost; they thought that he was looking for something. Then, when they reached nearer to him, the latter asked for an address and they directed him to the house he was searching for. However, at that point, instead of going towards the house in question, he came in their direction. He threw himself on one of the women before pushing her onto a piece of land nearby. He then assaulted her while she screamed in pain. The other woman tried to stop him but the latter pushed her as well and she was projected towards a wall.

As the two women were shouting for help, a man came to their rescue. By that time, the first woman was bleeding since she had been stabbed.

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