3 Arrest Warrants Against Boolell, Duval & Moollan Annulled In Court

The arrest warrants issued against the DPP, Satyajit Boolell, and his two lawyers, Hervé Duval and Anwar Moollan, have been annulled.

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Lawyer Duval in court yesterday. Photo credits: l’Express.mu.

The two lawyers had sworn an affidavit in court to contest the arrest after the police informed them of the news following the event whereby CCID officers went to the house of the DDP at Vacoas today morning, July 16, at around 9 a.m. The CCID also had a mandate to take the DPP to their headquarters but the latter’s lawyer, Hervé Duval, had intervened.

The DPP had then met with judge Ah Foon Chui Yew Cheong after Hervé Duval took him to the Supreme Court since his request for an interim order forbidding the ICAC from arresting him had already been approved by the court. After the meeting, he told the press that he would resume his duties as the DPP in all serenity and independence. He added that he would do what needed to be done as per the law. He also said that institutions and the public are the ones to suffer from the current state of affairs.

All started when the DPP had an affidavit issued incriminating ministers Showkutally Soodhun and Roshi Bhadain yesterday who had then retaliated.

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