Actress Hema Malini Tweet Induces Outrage in India

A Twitter post (tweet) from Bollywood actress and politician Hema Malini has provoked fresh outrage this morning in India when the actress blamed the father of a child who was killed in an accident last week. The accident involved the Mercedes of actress Hema Malini and a small Maruti Alto.


The tweet was targeted toward Harsh Khandelwal, the driver of the Maruti car who was with his family when the accident happened. His 6 year old son suffered fractures in both arms and legs while his 2 year old daughter Chinni was killed as a result of this accident.

Mr Khandelwal reacted bitterly to the politician’s tweets and said it was her driver – arrested within hours for rash driving – who hit him at high speed while he was taking a turn on the highway.

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