Adeela Rawat Complains Against Facebook Users At The CCID

Adeela Rawat, the daughter of the ex-boss of the BAI, has filed a complaint against some Facebook users at the CCID, today, July 31.

Adeela RawatAdeela Rawat.

Adeela Rawat, went to the CCID accompanied by her lawyer, Yahia Nazroo, to complain against four users of a Facebook account, according to She has accused the users of having posted threatening statements against her and her loved ones. She explained that the posts in question have caused great anxiety to her family.

She was recently released on parole after she was arrested by the CCID in June. She had denied the charges levelled against her.


  • We have known this person once who used to buy super expensive stuffs in our store in Manhattan.
    This lady once threatened our staff. She slapped Tracy who is our youngest sales woman and threw a lot of cash on her face.

    This woman is nothing but a piece of S*** . She caused us too many problems. We got her video as well from our surveillance camera. No my lady you can’t buy respect even if you have all the money!.

    I really think this woman deserve one thing, JAIL.
    Gordon. USA.

  • I knew Adeela for 2 years and she is the most horrible, unprofessional, rude, brainless person I know. I know what I am talking about. I have a career that spans over 40 years. She rules with her money and her name

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