Air Mauritius: Shareholders Ask for An Investigation Concerning the 2008 Hedging

Who was behind the hedging that Air Mauritius (MK) did in 2008 that had ultimately led to huge losses? The shareholders of the firm wish to understand what had happened. They have, therefore, asked for an investigation to determine the names of those who were involved in the transaction. They have also requested for several more measures.


The shareholders of MK are convinced that the first hedging was one of the causes that triggered the poor performance of the national airline company. The members of the board of directors reassured them that their request would be considered at their next meeting.

The board of directors initially asserted that an investigation was already ongoing and that it would be inappropriate to give any explanation at that stage; the shareholders were, therefore, left without any clarification regarding the hedging. The report will be available in the coming days which will also reveal the audit of the cargo department.

Another question will also be addressed: should ex-members of the board of directors have the privilege of receiving free air tickets? Several shareholders believe that this brings great losses on the company. Therefore, a decision pertaining to this issue has to be made soon.

Furthermore, the boycott against certain newspapers will be lifted.

The shareholders have also asked for more transparency when it comes to improving the financial status of the company.

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