Ashok Subron Fights Against Use of Digital Fingerprinting in Places of Work

Union activist Ashok Subron has proclaimed his stance against digital fingerprinting used to attest of the presence of employees in their respective places of work. According to him, it is strictly forbidden to compel an employee to give his fingerprints, as per a judgement from the Data Protection Office.


The Data Commissioner Drudeisha Madhub had indicated earlier that an employer did not have the right to use the fingerprints of his employees without the consent of the latter. The judgement was later confirmed by the ICT Appeal Tribunal.

Several firms in Mauritius have already given this practice up. For instance, the fingerprinting system at the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd has been suspended after receiving a letter from the Port-Louis Maritime Employees Association, led by Ashok Subron. Another company, Froid des Mascareignes Ltd, has followed suit.

Ashok Subron intends to send more letters to firms to encourage them to abandon the use of digital fingerprinting.

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