BAI Employees Can Keep Their Jobs But With Lower Salaries

The BAI Special Administrators announced that BAI employees can keep their jobs but on certain conditions. While they are being attended to, SCBG clients from Rodrigues are complaining that they should have had their money back by now, but that nothing has been done yet.

mushtaq oosman

Mushtaq Oosman, one of the special administrators

BAI employees – around 800 of them – will keep their jobs, as announced by Special Administrators, Mushtaq Oosman and Rajeev Basgeet. However, this condition applies only if they are ready to accept the terms imposed by the latter.

One of the new conditions involves a new contract of employment of the National Insurance Company which will replace the BAI. Furthermore, their salary will be decreased.

On the other hand, subscribers of the insurance policy Super Cash Back Gold (SCBG) from Rodrigues are complaining that their case has not been attended to. They claim having invested more than Rs 500,000 but that their money has not been returned to them. According to them, they should have had their money back more than three weeks ago. The clients from Rodrigues are a group of around 2,000, among whom many are retirees.

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