Ceb Already Has Resources To Provide Internet Services In Mauritius

The Central Electricity Board (CEB) might soon become an Internet Service Provider (ISP). According to, the firm has already requested for the service of foreign consultants to carry out a feasibility project to determine whether the endeavour of providing Internet access to the Mauritian public would be the right choice.


CEB aims to provide high-speed Internet at lower prices compared to the other ISPs operating in the country. It might provide Internet access all over the island; it already has the necessary resources to cover the
whole of Mauritius.

The CEB has optical fibres spread all across Mauritius; they are found in the high-voltage cables that were installed few years ago. The optical fibres would then be connected to a computer system to be used to provide Internet.

According to, this would be in the favour of consumers since competition would likely lead a decrease in prices. Furthermore, the different ISPs might be motivated to bring in improvements in their services.

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